EMC Family Radio & TV Station

         A Christian Based International Radio & TV Station for listeners of all ages



We are currently broadcasting a pre-recorded assortment of Easy Listening Music, which include an assortment of Classical, Country, Sacred and Gospel Music, plus scripture readings and Messages. Soon we will have regular programing with news, weather, as well as church service broadcasts.

Whenever there is an available staff member in the studio, we will read the news and weather for the township of Casterton, as well as the World and also play requests.

We hope that if enough volunteers are found and funds are available for a full-time Station Manager, that we can man the Radio Studio on a 24 hour full-time basis and also purchase a Short Wave and FM Stereo Transmitter.

Your help is needed and welcomed in whatever way you can volunteer. Just contact us at EMC Family Radio - Casterton Studio. Ph: 03 5581-1230